At the heart of all our dealings and business activities, both internal and external, there exists an established set of core principals which are adhered to by each and every individual at Market Makers.
These values do not only bestow us with the right direction in our day to day business decisions, but also help generate inspiration within our team members leading towards a conducive working environment at Market Makers .

The following represent our core values
1. Keeping the Client interest supreme
2. Result-orientation
3. Transparency
4. Communication
5. Respect for the individual
6. Creativity & Innovation

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Keeping the client interest supreme forms the highest in the list of priorities for Market Makers team members. Their views & actions would be guided by this core value whereby they will always act in the best interest of the client. Religiously pursuing this core value in all our decisions and day to day business dealings is required from each individual.
Continuously producing intuitive solutions in uncertain situations while managing timelines of our deliverables requires us to be result-oriented; when stuck-up in an uncertain state with no clear way ahead, we would always follow a simple principle: apply skills & honest judgment to do something – see the results – apply rapid corrections. Action-orientation will be our guiding approach rather than sitting back on a problem and thinking endlessly.
We would strive to ‘inculcate transparency in people, rather than in processes’. These are just eight words, but their implications can be deep enough to decide between make or break of our organization in the long-run. Transparency as a principle would be observed by everyone in every activity and action performed by him. Simultaneously everyone would have the right to ask about anything that ever happens. Whether it is an organizational decision regarding an individual, a business strategy, employee pay-scales or current or projected financial situation, everything will be made transparent to the team members.
Communication would be the way of life for all of us at Market Makers There will be two dimensions to our communication core value: Idea/knowledge sharing and problem sharing. As knowledge workers, we would always strive to gain new knowledge by constantly reading, discovering and absorbing new knowledge and then sharing it with our colleagues to come up with creative and innovative ideas that deliver value to our clients.
It is the amalgamation of different skill-sets that combine as a team to produce the deliverables for our clients. Thus complete respect for the individual would be observed by everyone in the organization for whatever role he is required to play in the overall operations of our business. This would entail assigning due respect and rights, listening all the times, and being careful towards the specific peculiarities of the individual, provided they are not in conflict of the parameters of our core values and organizational policies and norms. However the assumption here would be that the individual also owns the organizational vision and all his actions are guided by the commitment to that vision.
Being in a business where skill-sets are the most important assets for us and the energy and aptitude of the individuals have a direct bearing on the organizational deliverables, therefore Creativity and Innovation would be observed in whatever activities we do in order to be the top performers, whether in an individual capacity, as part of a team or at the organizational level. Re-thinking and be willing to discard our own models of the past for the betterment of our solutions, rather than possessing rigid affliction to them, would be the modus operandi at Market Makers.