Market Makers is a place where you can live your dreams and pursue a career that reflects your skills and passions. We give you flexibility for change, the opportunity to learn, and providing career options with endless possibilities.
Our people make Market Makers a great company and an exciting place to work with a shared desire to learn leading edge skills and stretch beyond their limits.
Success of Market Makers is determined by its success in operating as a unified team. We have to earn the trust and respect of our customers everyday in order to be the primary choice of our customers. Our success is guaranteed by creative and productive employees who are empowered to make suggestions. Every job at Market Makers is critically essential to fulfill the overall mission of the company.

Our primary goal at Market Makers, as an employer is, is to live our vision and focus on providing exemplary customer care for both internal and external customers. We achieve this goal by having dedicated, hardworking and committed workforce.

Market Makers’s management aims to provide every employee with the tool to professionally groom and develop as highly successful professional while achieving their career goals.

     Our Culture

Market Makers is a dynamic organization with an equally empowering culture that allows people to make the most of their skills, personality and career. As a company we deliver solutions that drive business value, create social value and improve the lives of every customer.

     Our Values

The stimulating corporate culture of success comes from what we value as a company and how we live those values as individuals.
Integrity & Mutual Respect: We do the right thing.
Teamwork: We work together to get the job done.
Creativity: We seek creativity and “outside the box” thinking
Empowerment: We enable our people to make decisions with responsibility which increases loyalty and fosters ownership.
Our People

Market Makers is a special place to work. Employees at Market Makers gain help in developing their capabilities and are recognized and competitively rewarded for their performance.

We believe that all employees at Market Makers have a right to offer input and be involved in helping their team grow. Creating a work environment in which employees can improve their minds, continuously learn, gain professional growth and feel inspired by similarly motivated individuals is fundamental at Market Makers. In turn, we expect that employees share Market Makers’s vision for company, team and individual growth and that employees will strive to make a difference every day. This exemplifies Market Makers commitment to people.

     U & Us Internship Program

About U & Us Internship Program
Internships are a great way to learn about an occupation and get work experience at the same time.

Market Makers offers paid 6-8 weeks internship programs to fresh graduates, college students from various disciplines in all the major departments.
This program is designed in such a way that it ensures maximum learning in your chosen career area and provides you an insight into our company, work and people.

     Internship Benefits

You will receive valuable on-the-job training, opportunities to learn, coupled with challenging projects and assignments.
You will have the opportunity to meet and work along side management and contribute to company's growth through professional participation
The internship at Market Makers is objective/assignment based. These are reviewed and evaluated at the end of internship. In addition, interns are paired with a mentor for further guidance. A project summary is required to be submitted to the supervisor and HR at the end of your internship.
Market Makers offers an empowering culture that allows people to make the most of their skills, personality and career.
We take pride in providing the best possible working environment. We give you the opportunity to work alongside with some of the most competent people in the telecom sector; the networking and mentoring provide an excellent platform for academic and career growth. We take a constant interest in your progress by conducting internship evaluation and offering the support and resources you need. Thus, giving you a head start on your career.
Employment at Dua Communication
Endless possibilities for your career is waiting for you at Dua Communication

"We provide you the opportunity to Grow,
Be challenged and Make a Difference."
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